The Sweatshop features 20 climate controlled fully equip’d rehearsal studios ranging from $18 to $38 per hour. We proudly

feature QSC K-Series 1000 watt P.A.’s and Shure microphones in every room. 2 channel Marshall tube half stacks in every

room except “Old School Room” & “Piano Room” as those two specialty rooms feature combo amps rather than half stacks.

Full drum kits from Pearl, Yamaha, Premier, Tama and Ludwig. Sabian Cymbals. Fender, Gallien-Krueger, Aguilar and

Ampeg SVT bass amps. Additional guitar amps from Orange, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Randall, B-52 and Peavey. A Baldwin

Spinet acoustic piano and Yamaha full weighted 88 key keyboards are available in select rooms.

A few of the many notable Musicians/Groups utilizing The Sweatshop include:



Third Eye Blind

Murphy’s Law



Tony Touch

Gorilla Biscuits

Rival School

Karen O [of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s]

Dub Trio



The Casualties

Screaming Rebel Angels


Vision of Disorder

Diamond Rugs

45 Adapters

I Am The Avalanche

The Movielife

Rocky Business

World Inferno Friendship Society

Richard Christy [of Death, Iced Earth, Charred Walls of The Damned & Howard Stern Show fame]

Creepus Explodus

Labretta Suede

Street Drum Corps.

Russel Simmins [of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion]

T-Bone Motta [of Public Enemy]

Hank Wood and The Hammerheads

Kung Fury

All Torn Up

Alice Tan-Ridley [America’s Got Talent]

Danger Radio

The All For Nots