What equipment is provided in each studio?

Gear varies from room to room depending on price range but ALL studios are fully stocked with a high quality backline: QSC K-Series 1000 watt PA system with 3 Shure microphones, 2 (or more) guitar half stacks (or combos in “Piano” & “Old School” rooms), full bass rig, 5-piece drum kit including snare, cymbals, and kick pedal.

What kinds of amps do you provide?

In all studios (except “Piano” & “Old School” rooms) the main guitar amp is a two channel Marshall tube amp, the second guitar amp varies among rooms from Fender, Orange, Mesa Boogie, Randall, Peavey to B-52; there are Gallien-Krueger, Fender, Aguilar or Ampeg amps for bass.

What kind of drum kits do you have?

We provide 5-piece kits by Pearl, Yamaha, Ludwig, Tama and Premier.

Does the drummer have to bring cymbals?

No. All kits include cymbals, kick pedal, and snare.

Is there a keyboard my band can use?

Yes, the following rooms include keyboards:

  • Rooms 8, 9 & 10 ($28/hr) have a Yamaha CP33 stage piano 88-key keyboard and Roland KC-550 keyboard amp
  • Live Room ($38/hr) has a Yamaha CP33 stage piano 88-key keyboard and Roland KC-550 keyboard amp
  • Room 12, aka The Piano Room ($23/hr) has a Baldwin “Arcosonic” full size spinet acoustic piano mic'd thru PA

Is there a guitar or bass I can rent?

  • Fender Squire electric guitar - $5/hr
  • Fender Squire electric bass - $5/hr

Supply is limited and “ first come, first served” unless on reserve so we recommend that you reserve rental instruments

when you book to ensure availability.

Can I get more than 3 microphones in my room?

You are guaranteed 3 microphones for your rehearsal. Although we always do our best to accommodate every client in every situation, generally we cannot provide any more microphones. As a very busy, 20 room facitilty we have 60 microphones running at all times and are not able to remove any items from other studios. If your band absolutely requires further mics we suggest you bring them to your rehearsal just as you do your instruments.

Can I borrow items I need or forgot to bring?

We always do our best to provide any additional items we can at NO COST including: 1/4” (guitar) cables, 1/8” to RCA (iPod/Phone headphone jack) cables, power adaptors, guitar picks, extra mic stands, drum thrones/chairs, music stands etc.... All items are available on a first come, first served basis and loaned to you for complimentary use during your rehearsal. All “borrowed” items must be returned to office at the conclusion of your rehearsal or you will be charged for full replacement value. We still suggest you bring anything that is crucial to the performance of your rehearsal and not count on us having something to loan you in order to be able to utilize your time. As a general rule we cannot loan out XLR cables or additional microphones so if your band requires more than the 3 provided in each room please plan accordingly and bring them with you.

What’s the difference between the rooms with different prices?

All our rooms have the same backline configuration: full 1000 watt QSC PA system with three Shure mics, two (or more depending on room) guitar half stacks, full bass rig, 5-piece drum kit with cymbals and kick pedal.

Here are the differences:

The $18/hr rooms are the smallest, recommended for 3 to 4 piece bands.

The $23/hr rooms are larger, accommodating up to 5 people.

The $25/hr rooms are larger still, accommodating 5-8 people.

(Note: if you play with a large group of musicians, please tell us when you’re booking so we can provide you with a properly sized studio.)

The $28/hr rooms still accommodate 5-8 people and have more high end gear: including 3 guitar amps and a fully weighted 88-key keyboard with keyboard amp.

The $33/hr room is the Showcase room; it has a cozy lounge area with couch and top of the line gear: Marshall 800, Mesa Boogie Single Recti fier, Fender Twin, Ampeg SVT rig, Premier drums, QSC PA system including 1000 Watt subwoofer.

The $38/hr room is the Headline room – it is one of our largest (widest, ie: square) room and best value: Marshall 800, Mesa Boogie Dual Recti fier, Fender Twin, Ampeg SVT rig, Yamaha Stage Custom drums, QSC PA system including a 1000 Watt subwoofer and vocal monitor by the drums, a stage with lights, a lounge area with bench seating for 6-10 people.

The $38/hr room is the Live room – it is our other largest (deepest, ie: rectangular) room and best value: Marshall 800, Orange TH 100, Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 rig, Tama Superstar Classic drums, QSC 1000 watt PA system, a stage with lights, a standing lounge area at room entrance.

What is the “Old School Room”?

The Old School Room ($23/hr) is a specialty room with a vintage feel and is a bit different than our usual rooms.

In addition to a 2-channel Marshall combo amp and PA with 3 mics, the Old School Room has a Fender Blues Deluxe combo, a 1970’s Fender Bassman rig and a six piece Yamaha drum kit.

What is the “Punk Rock Room”?

The Punk Rock Room ($18/hr) ain’t your mama’s rehearsal room, with it’s raw aesthetics and irreverent graf fiti it is not for the faint of heart or easily offended. It is the only room we allow “tagging” or client “art/defacing” in, so it is an ever-evolving exhibition of creativity…..or destruction depending on your point of view.

In addition to the usual 2-channel Marshall half stack, Pearl drum kit and PA with 3 mics, it features a Traynor Custom Special bass amp on a single 18” cabinet and Randall guitar half stack.

What is the “Piano Room”?

The Piano Room ($23/hr) is a specialty room with a full size Baldwin “Arcosonic” spinet piano.

This room is not recommended or equip’d for “heavy” bands. It features a Fender Blues Deluxe combo and a Roland Jazz Chorus combo for guitars and is our only room to NOT contain a Marshall amp. A Peavey half stack bass amp and a Ludwig “Breakbeats by Questlove” drum kit round out the rhythm section. In addition to the usual 3 microphones and QSC PA system, the piano itself is mic’d thru the PA system so you piano players can “hold your own” volume-wise against live drummers and bands.

What if I just want to play drums alone?

We offer a discounted solo drum rate of $13/hr. You can book it in advance for Monday-Friday before 6PM.

M-F after 6 PM or all day Saturday and Sunday you can still get the $13/hr rate if it’s available last minute – call us that day to find out.

How far in advance should I book my studio time?

You should book as far in advance as possible – weekday evenings and weekends all day, fill up fast. However, never hesitate to call us with short notice since last minute slots often open up due to cancellations.

If we don’t have what you need when you call, you can get on the waiting list and be the first to know when a slot opens up.

How many hours do I have to book?

For rehearsal you can book one hour or as many hours as you like.

All slots have to be booked by the hour, and on the hour (for example: you can’t book one and a half hours – it has to be one or two hours; and you can’t book 7:30-9:30 – it has to be 7-9 or 8-10.)

What if I played for an hour and want another half hour?

If there’s no one booked right after you then you can add a half hour (half an hour costs half the hourly rate). Once you’re already here we have more flexibility to accommodate your speci fic request if the schedule allows, but our policy permits us to book only whole hours.

Additional hours can also be added if no one is booked right after you.

Do I have to leave a deposit when I book my studio time?

No. Not for standard bookings of a few hours.

Nonrefundable deposits are required if you lock out large blocks of time.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24-hour notice on all cancellations otherwise the following fees apply:

One hour session – 100% of total amount

Two or more hours – 50% of total amount

What if I book a few hours and while I’m playing I decide to leave early?

If you want to reduce your hours we require 24-hour notice, otherwise you are responsible for all the time you booked.

What are your hours of operation?

The Sweatshop is open seven days a week from noon to 1AM.

What else do I need to know?

No Drinks On Amps. Seriously.

When you’re given “5 Minutes” at the end of your rehearsal that means 5 MINUTES TO EXIT ROOM, not 5 more minutes to play and then cut into the next bands time while your group packs up. Please be respectful of the bands coming after you and leave the room clean and on time.